Offshore Company Setup in Dubai


Discover the possibilities of establishing an offshore company in Dubai, UAE. This blog post provides essential insights into offshore company setup in Dubai, including its definition, the advantages of choosing Dubai as your offshore destination, eligible business types, required documentation, and the option of hiring professional assistance.

What Is an Offshore Company in Dubai?

An offshore company operates in one jurisdiction while being registered in another, primarily to optimize tax benefits. By establishing an offshore company in Dubai, entrepreneurs can maximize profits, benefiting from factors like low corporate taxes, political stability, strategic location, wealth management options, and privacy safeguards.

Advantages of Choosing Dubai for Offshore Business

Dubai holds a prominent position among renowned global financial hubs like Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, and New York. Its unique advantage lies in providing the benefits of a tax haven without the drawbacks associated with other tax havens. Here, businesses thrive without excessive taxation, ensuring privacy and encouraging growth.

Eligible Business Types in Dubai Common business types suitable for offshore company formation in Dubai include intellectual property holding companies, shipping firms, general trading firms, online advertising companies, logistics firms, professional consulting services, and real estate holding firms. However, offshore companies in Dubai are prohibited from engaging in local trading or employing individuals.

Unlocking the Benefits of Offshore Company Formation Offshore companies in Dubai enjoy several benefits, such as:

  1. 100% ownership
  2. Exemption from corporate tax, income tax, and property tax
  3. Access to UAE bank accounts in multiple currencies and international expansion opportunities
  4. A stable socio-political environment that promotes business growth
  5. Privacy protection without the need for corporate audits or report publications
  6. Enhanced creditworthiness and funding accessibility
  7. Openness to businesses banned in other jurisdictions
  8. Support for IPOs, intellectual property holding, and real estate investments.

Required Documents for Offshore Company Registration To register an offshore company in Dubai, you\’ll typically need the following documents:

  • Business plan (preferably for 3 years)
  • 6-month bank statement or original bank reference letter
  • Shareholders\’ CVs and passport copies
  • Proof of address
  • Three compliant business name options
  • Description of company operations.

A Simple Guide to the Registration Process Registering an offshore company in Dubai involves straightforward steps:

  • Select a business name
  • Complete the application
  • Draft the memorandum and articles of association
  • Open an onshore bank account
  • Comply with relevant regulations
  • Allocate a budget of approximately AED 12,500 for registration.

Considering Professional Assistance While the process is relatively straightforward, hiring a Dubai offshore company formation agency can ensure a smooth experience. Professionals can navigate potential complexities, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of application rejection.


Establishing an offshore company in Dubai opens doors to exciting possibilities. With its favorable tax environment, political stability, and abundant business opportunities, Dubai serves as a beacon for entrepreneurs worldwide. By understanding the registration process, eligible business types, and the myriad advantages, you can unlock the potential of offshore company setup in Dubai. Consider expert guidance from AB Capital Services (FZE) for a seamless and successful offshore company formation journey.

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