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Includes business Bank Account Setup, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Company Setup, Auditing, and other services.

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  • At AB Capital, we have a dedicated team of passionate and proficient professionals who offer top-notch company setup services in Dubai, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients.
  • We firmly believe in catering to our clients’ requirements by providing personalized packages at competitive prices, while also adding value to their ideas.
  • Our commitment to upholding the law and professional ethics ensures a smooth and successful Dubai company registration process.
  • Our skilled team, comprising company formation experts, management leaders, and experienced business advisors, is dedicated to ensuring that your business setup cost in Dubai remains within your budget and is completed according to your desired timelines.
  • We take pride in helping our clients turn their dreams into reality.

Personalized Solutions to All Your Business Needs

Business Setup

Start a successful business in the heart of the UAE.

Unlock limitless business potential in Dubai with our expert Business Setup services. From establishing bank accounts to navigating regulatory frameworks, we streamline the process, ensuring a seamless entry into the dynamic Dubai market. Trust us to pave the way for your business success in this thriving economic hub.

Bank Account opening

Get an approved bank account for your business within 3 days.

Unlock seamless business transactions with our expert Bank Account Opening services in Dubai. We navigate the financial landscape, ensuring swift and hassle-free setups tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to streamline the process, providing you with the essential financial foundation for a thriving business in the dynamic Dubai market.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Ensuring compliance with corporate regulations and standards.

Simplify your business finances with our expert Bookkeeping & Accounting services. We handle everything from setting up bank accounts to ensuring compliance in Dubai. Trust us to streamline your financial processes, so you can focus on what matters – growing your business.

VAT Compliance

Tailored solutions for UAE residents seeking compliance with regulations.

Ensure seamless VAT compliance for your business in Dubai with our expert guidance. From setting up your VAT accounts to navigating complex regulations, we will minimize your risks and ensure your business meets all legal requirements.

Corporate Tax Advisory

Simplifying your tax strategy and ensuring a maximum financial efficiency.

Navigate Dubai's corporate tax landscape with confidence. Our seasoned business consultants provide expert advice on optimizing your tax strategy, ensuring compliance, and maximizing your financial efficiency.

PRO Services

Stay compliant with any legal procedures, govt documents, and paperwork.

Business setup in Dubai involves legal procedures, government documents, and paperwork. And we will handle all that for you with AB Capital's Corporate PRO Services. Leave the legal stuff to us so you can focus on the core of your business.

Take The First Step Towards Company Formation in Dubai

Stay ahead of the game when seeking business setup in UAE. Among the best business setup companies in Dubai, we offer you an experience that will make your business setup in Dubai as smooth as possible.

Dubai Mainland

In the past decade, Dubai, with its excellent tax policies, has drawn in entrepreneurs and investors. You can establish your business in any part of Mainland Dubai and select from more than 2,500 business activities.
100% Business Ownership
Investor Visa Options
All inclusive licenses
Free VAT Consultation
Ability to Take on Government Projects

UAE Free Zones

UAE Free Zones are a perfect location for startups since they don't mandate office space for establishment. You can form your business anywhere in the UAE, with over 1,500 specialized business activities to choose from in the free zones.
100% Business Ownership
Visa Assistance
Bank Account Setup
VAT Consultation
Dedicated Account Manager


Start your business away from the mainland and explore the features of offshore company formation to establish your business or move your your business to any part of Dubai, UAE.
100% Business Ownership
Flexible Banking Assistance
Registered Agent Services
Remote Licensing
Offshore Bank Account


Years of Experience

AB Capital Services is a boutique firm offering cost-effective, value-added solutions to address all your business needs under one roof. Our commitment to the highest professional ethics and service quality sets us apart.

With a rapidly expanding team of qualified and dedicated professionals, we bring an innovative and commercial approach to tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment. Our comprehensive services include VAT-Compliant Accounting, Audit Services, Financial Management Advisory, Corporate Finance, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Banking Solutions, Business Consultancy, Company Formation, PRO Services, Liquidation Services, Tax Residency Certificates, and Offshore Registration.

We provide a fresh perspective, creative insights, and industry benchmarking to help you view your business in new ways through Business Analysis. Acting as a sounding board for critical financial decisions, we offer dependable strategic leadership based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

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A Dynamic Solution For Your Business

Your business with our promise of smooth operations


We prioritize the confidentiality of your information, implementing stringent measures to safeguard your sensitive data throughout our interactions.


Our commitment to integrity ensures that we operate with honesty and ethical practices, building trust and maintaining the highest standards in all our dealings.


We pride ourselves on delivering efficient services, utilizing streamlined processes to optimize productivity and meet your needs promptly.


Our transparent approach ensures clear communication and openness in all aspects of our services, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of our processes and transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a boutique business services company compared to a large firm?

Boutique firms offer personalized attention, deeper expertise, and quicker turnaround compared to larger firms, all at a potentially lower cost.

Do you offer any free consultations or workshops?

Yes! We offer free consultations to discuss your business needs. We also host occasional workshops on relevant topics. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a consultation or learn more about upcoming workshops!

Which banks offer the best corporate accounts in the UAE?

Ultimately, depends on your business needs. We’re happy to walk you through different banks, their services, and if they are suitable for your business.

How can I ensure my accounts are compliant with UAE regulations?

1. Hire a professional: Accountants & compliance specialists stay updated on regulations and guide you through procedures.

2. Maintain detailed records: Keep meticulous financial records for at least 5 years.

3. Follow official guides: Utilize resources from FTA, CBUAE, and other relevant authorities.

4. Stay informed: Regularly check for updates and changes in regulations.

5. Seek regular audits: Internal audits help identify potential non-compliance areas

Will my business be subject to the new UAE corporate tax?

Depends on profit:

0% Tax: Profits under AED 375,000.

9% Tax: Profits above AED 375,000.

What's the difference between setting up in a mainland, free zone, or offshore jurisdiction?

Mainland: Access to whole UAE market, 100% ownership,

Free Zone: Tax-free, 100% ownership, specific industry focus, limited local market access.

Offshore: No physical presence in UAE, high confidentiality, no local market access.

Choose based on market access, ownership needs, and business type.

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