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How to get an Import/Export Code for Business in Dubai?

In this era defined by end-to-end global connectivity, the flow of goods between geographies has proved itself as the lifeblood of worldwide economies. Among the most important players in this well-knitted dynamic landscape, Dubai emerges as the hub of golden opportunity for those interested in import-export ventures. Leveraging its strategic location at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, Dubai proves itself as a prime destination for all sorts of foreign investors and startup enthusiasts planning to capitalise on the growing import-export market.

Dubai’s resilient economic development and transportation infrastructure, with the finest of developed road network, ports as well as world-class airports, define its dependable foundation for seamless import and export operations. This being coupled with the country’s favourable tax laws, most startups want to set up in Dubai. 

Thus, companies, whether old or budding, find it increasingly beneficial to import and export their products in this dynamic environment. On the other side, compliance remains essential, mandating the much requisite engagement with the esteemed business consultants in Dubai. Such a reputed consultant can help you secure a custom client code, simplifying the global trade facilitation. 

Are you planning to get an Import/Export code, commonly known as the Customs Client Code for your business? Let’s delve into the complete details on how you can get it.

Importance of Customs Client Code in Dubai

In the UAE’s bustling trade scenario, having a customs client code is like having your own trading passport. This is a special code, which you can obtain by registering with the Dubai Customs, and gives you a green signal to trade your goods internationally, anywhere in the world.

For any company eyeing the global markets from the UAE, the import/export code is a must-have. Firstly, you need a valid trading licence, specifying the day-to-day operations incurred in your business. Navigating the end-to-end processes are simplified with assistance from top accounting firms in Dubai. Such business consultants in Dubai are experts in their field and so can enable you to effectively navigate through the tedious application processes, ensuring you are all set to trade.

Once you have got the code you can start your import and export deals instantly. With the support from an auditing firm in Dubai, you’ll breeze through all the manual paperwork involved in the procedure, thus making all trade-work easy-peasy. Your customs code is unique to your company and thus, it stays valid till the date of your business licence’s expiry. If you are thinking that renewing your customs code is going to be tough. 

You are wrong. 

Renewing the customs code is super convenient–in fact you can compare it with renewing your driver’s licence. This ensures that you are always set for trade drives. In a nutshell, the Dubai customs client code opens doors to global trade, making it simpler for any business setup in Dubai to thrive in UAE’s dynamic markets and beyond.

Import Export Registration in Dubai

Starting your global trade voyage starts with the Import-Export Registration in Dubai – an essential step that you need to take to establish your presence in the vibrant UAE market.

Here are the top 6 factors you must keep in mind as someone applying for a Import Export Registration in UAE:

  • Registration Process: The Dubai Customs effectively manages the end-to-end process and thereafter, issues you a unique Import-Export Code, that is required for the smooth trading in the UAE.
  • Submit Your Document: At this stage, you need to share some key documents like your Trade License, undertaking licence, as well as the copies to your passport to initialise the process. We’ll explore this in detail in the next few paragraphs. 
  • Review of the Application: Once you have submitted all necessary documents and paid the fees, the Dubai Customs authority thoroughly reviews your application to ensure compliance.
  • Code Issuance: Once the application is approved, the Dubai Customs then issues the Import-Export Code for your business, which is valid for one year and needs to be renewed post that. If you don’t have a valid Trade License of your firm, then unfortunately, it is not possible to get the code issued.
  • Cost Variation: A lot of business owners ask this question–What is the registration for the Import/Exports code? There is no fixed registration cost associated with it. 

As a matter of fact, the cost of getting the customs code in Dubai may vary across Emirates and Free Zones. Understanding these knitty-gritty variations helps you in making informed choices.

  • Dedicated Customs Code: With access to your Import-Export or Customs Code, your firm gains access to the dedicated Customs Code, ensuring seamless cross-border payments and trade transactions.

Navigating the import and export registration is the first key to unlock your global trade success ahead. As you register your company in Dubai, it sets you up for the golden future in the UAE’s market and beyond. 

To import or export goods in Dubai, UAE, you need a Customs Code—it’s like your entry ticket for smooth transactions. Without it, you can’t clear customs or comply with import and export rules.

Key Documentation Required for Applying a Customs Client Code

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Copy of the Visa and EID 
  3. Copy of your business’s trade licence
  4. An undertaking letter
  5. Your mobile number
  6. Details of the facility
  7. Details about the business
  8. User’s profile

Final Step: Completing the Registration Process​

The Dubai Customs Code aligns all its operations with the existing laws of GCC, or the Gulf Cooperation Council along its relevant Federal and National regulations. Furthermore, this upholds several international protocols and agreements that ensure compliance and enable smooth trade interactions at a global level. 

If you already have the customs code registered for your business setup in Dubai, make sure you know what its expiration date is. It is essential to renew the business code within 60 days from the date of expiry or it shall be suspended. 

After Dubai Customs reviews and approves your application, they’ll generate your customs client code. The code is sent to you electronically, thus, marking the final step in the registration process.

Next Steps

Securing your custom code if you have a business operating in Dubai is essential to expand your business and maximise growth opportunities. In taking care of your daily operation and growth strategies, founders and entrepreneurs, managing the customs registration process and documentation can be a challenge. 

That’s why we step in, as you let AB Capital experts, the top business consultants in Dubai do the heavy lifting for you. If you are looking for guidance on how to get an import and export code for your business, book a free consultation call with us and we will take care of the rest. You can also connect with us on call at +9171523655193 or send an email to us 

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