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A Complete Guide for Registering a Company in Dubai from India

If you want to set up your business in Dubai, a thriving business hub with countless opportunities and better business horizons.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps of registering a company in Dubai:


      1. Select a Company Structure: Before getting started with your business in Dubai, you have to decide and select the company’s structure first.

      1. Register your legal company name: Once you’re done with structure and how you want things to be, select and register your company’s name legally which will help you avoid delays in the registration process.

      1. Draft a legal document for your business: You need to work with local business consultancies to help you get your business started in Dubai mainland. They will make sure to provide you with assistance in all the legal formalities required.

      1. Obtain initial approvals: You need to get licenses for setting up your business at a new location anywhere in UAE. A lot of things vary from one to another like regulations, infrastructure etc.

      1. Choose a space for your legal company: You can avail your office space after obtaining contracts and getting your registration fully checked. You can also choose virtual space for 1st year to save cost.

      1. Get your company license issued and apply for a company immigration card.

      1. Apply for your Residency VISA and get the Emirates ID

      1. Open a bank account for that company: After everything is done, you do the most important step for your business and that is opening a bank account for your company where you will need to select a bank that suits your business needs and demands the best.

    Benefits of company registration:


        1. Tax benefits: UAE is a tax-free country and best to set up your business at since there are so many tax benefits like the lowest corporate tax rates for new businessmen and entrepreneurs.

        1. 100% foreign ownership: UAE allows investors to full own and control their businesses without sponsorship and provised specialized facilities.

        1. Access to global markets: Due to Dubai’s prime location, it provides a strategic advantage for accessing global markets with world class facilities for the entrepreneurs.

        1. Strategic location: Dubai’s destination is called one of the best because its surrounded with Europe, Asia, Africa and gives an advantage to facilitate to a wide range of trade.

        1. Good infrastructure: The exceptional infrastructure is a key draw for company formation with modern networks and better collaborations which helps in efficient operations and connectivity.

        1. Business appropriate rules and regulations: Many free zones and mainland provide tax exemption for specified periods of time which helps one to boost their financial growth initially and encourage more growth.

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