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How to obtain an LLC for my business in Dubai?

Dubai is a place of endless personal and professional opportunities.

For you to establish and start a business here, you need to follow a specific procedure – one that will allow you to smoothly run your business in Dubai.

One of the most popular structures for entrepreneurs is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

An LLC provides a flexible and attractive framework for business owners, combining the benefits of limited liability with operational flexibility. 

In this guide, we will explore the steps involved in obtaining an LLC for your business in Dubai.

Understanding the Basics of an LLC in Dubai

Let’s start by understanding what a Limited Liability Company firstly is.

An LLC is a business structure that combines the liability protection of a corporation with the operational flexibility of a partnership. 

In Dubai, the LLC is a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs due to its simplicity and the protection it offers to the business owner’s assets.

Key Advantages of an LLC in Dubai

  1. Limited Liability: One of the primary benefits of an LLC is that it separates personal assets from business liabilities. This means that the personal assets of the business owners are protected in case of business debts or legal issues.
  2. Operational Flexibility: LLCs in Dubai offer flexibility in terms of management and structure. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to choose the number of partners, their roles, and the distribution of profits and losses.
  3. Tax Efficiency: Dubai has a favourable tax environment and an LLC benefits from this. There are no corporate or personal income taxes, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their tax obligations.

Steps to Obtain an LLC in Dubai

  1. Choose a Business Activity:

Before starting the process, it is crucial to define the nature of your business activities. 

Different activities may have specific licensing requirements, so it’s essential to choose the right category.

  1. Select a Business Name:

Choose a unique and memorable name for your business. 

While selecting a name, ensure that it complies with the naming conventions set by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

  1. Find Local Partners:

In Dubai, an LLC requires a local partner who holds at least 51% of the shares. 

This local partner can be an individual or a corporate entity. 

It’s important to choose a partner carefully, considering their reliability and compatibility with your business goals.

  1. Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA):

The Memorandum of Association is a legal document that outlines the key details of your LLC, including the business activities, shareholding structure, and responsibilities of each partner. 

It must be drafted and notarized.

  1. Choose a Business Location:

Select a suitable location for your business. 

The location must comply with zoning regulations and the type of business activity you intend to undertake.

  1. Submit the Application to the DED:

Prepare the required documents, including the MOA, passport copies of partners, and the application form. 

Submit these documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) along with the necessary fees.

  1. Obtain Initial Approval:

The DED will review your application and issue initial approval if everything is in order. This step may involve background checks on the partners.

  1. Notarize the MOA:

Notarize the Memorandum of Association at a public notary in Dubai. This is a crucial step in the process, as it legally validates your business structure.

  1. Get the Trade License:

Once the notarization is complete, you can proceed to obtain the trade license from the DED. The type of license (commercial, industrial, or professional) depends on your business activities.

  1. Register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Register your LLC with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry to gain official recognition. This step is essential for engaging in business activities within Dubai.

  1. Open a Corporate Bank Account:

To complete the process, open a corporate bank account in the name of your LLC. This account will be crucial for managing financial transactions related to your business.


Obtaining an LLC for your business in Dubai is a strategic move that combines the benefits of limited liability with the operational flexibility needed for success. 

By following the outlined steps, you can navigate the regulatory landscape and establish a robust legal framework for your business in this dynamic and thriving business hub. 

Dubai’s business-friendly environment, coupled with its strategic location and tax advantages, makes it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs seeking growth and success.

If you want to speed up this process for your business, book a Free consultation call with us and we will handle the rest.

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